“What if Donor Egg IVF doesn’t work?”

“I can barely afford the costs of IVF, what if it doesn’t work?”

“What if my child bares no resemblance to me or my husband, will my child feel like they belong in our family?”

“What if even with donor eggs there’s still no embryo to transfer?”

“What if my future child hates me because of his/her conception story when he/she’s older?”

“What if I can’t bond with my baby?”

“Am I the real mum?”

“What if my child wants to connect with donor siblings or their donor one day?”

So many fears and questions in my mind and nobody had any answers or reassurance for me.

(A sneak peak inside my head when I was considering my Donor-Egg pathway)

Look out for my blog written by my present self to my past self answering these questions.

“Let me help you to break free from the fear and overwhelm that comes with considering a donor egg pathway.

Overwhelm kept me stuck and going round in circles for two years. I want better for you.”


A warm hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

Thanks for finding me here and if you’re after support you are in the right place.

I support determined women considering a donor egg pathway to break free from the overwhelm of fear, grief and the unknown by guiding them to a place of certainty and confidence to build the family of their dreams.

I’m a proud donor egg mama and IVF Warrior and my difficult journey has led me to want to support you, on yours.

Life can throw you real curve balls right?

When I was told that my best chance of pregnancy was to consider using donor eggs this coincided with my dad being terminally ill with cancer.

I started to look into finding an egg donor but this seemed like such a hard thing to do and I didn’t know where to start.

I joined heaps of online forums, and would find myself awake in the wee hours searching through different topics on donor egg cycles to try and find the answers and reassurance I was seeking.

I researched and examined every avenue possible from known donors to anonymous and overseas donors from Hawaii to Europe and to South Africa.

The whole concept of using a donor and finding the right one was actually really frightening.

I just wanted to find someone that had been there and someone that could support me emotionally.

Finally I found a friend of a friend who had been down the donor egg pathway and it was only when I got to finally chat to her that I was able to gain some confidence in moving forward with a donor egg pathway.

Once I started to feel more confident about this option, I felt excited, I felt hope. This really could work for us.

I really wanted that experience of being pregnant. To experience holding my baby in my arms.

I connected with a donor agency in South Africa and even found a donor that I was happy with, and yet I still continued to search.

I still wasn’t sure, I was still overwhelmed. I was fearful. I was grieving the loss of my own eggs and not quite ready to move forward.

On top of that I was grieving the imminent loss of my father and was struggling emotionally on many levels.

In the end it took me two years to take action and organize my donor egg cycle.

I feel like I lost two years in my 40’s when I should have already been a mum by then.

I went round and round in circles and came back to choosing the very first donor that I had originally chosen.

I’m not saying this is a decision that you should rush into. Absolutely not.

However I know in my heart of hearts I lost time purely because of emotional overwhelm.

I don’t want anyone else to miss out on two years of being a parent.

I want to save you two years of uncertainty and emotional overwhelm.

I can guide you to process your grief and at the same time come to terms with the concept of using donor eggs.

I can take away the overwhelm and help you to feel more confident and certain in your choices.

How can I do this?

I’m a trained Freedom Fertility Specialist and Feeling Zone coach.

I use the Feel Right Emotional Empowerment approach not only to help others but it’s the way I live my life.

My coaching style is a mix of counselling, mind body connection and hypnotherapy.

I invite you to let me guide you to feel confident and empowered on your donor egg pathway.